GOTHIC ROSE – Extrait de Parfum 50ml



“A rose is a rose, is a rose, is a rose, is a rose” the most popular and controversial verse of the Gertrude Stain’s literary work. She was the patron of the french pictorial and literary avant-gardes of the Twentieth century.

Stein writes only the word “rose” and leaves the reader the ability to attribute  the closest meaning to the personal experience.

So, Gothic Rose, with his mix of precious roses, gives life to an extraordinary provocative and sublime bouquet that touches in difference ways the soul of men and women.

A complex, majestic, sensual and mysterious fragrance, aware of its power and uniqueness.

The aroma of the rose wrapped in oud reveals a dark appearance that recalls gothic, obscures and mystical atmosphere.

This aspect is also highlighted by the use of ambergrigis, which also gives it an opulent and carnal glow.


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