This brand, the result of the love and passion of its creators, was built slowly, following the suggestions of a total experience that involves all the senses, combining it with a strong artistic vocation.

A painting, a sculpture, a performance is not appreciated only with the view, in fact to excite us it must involve multiple senses including the sense of smell.

"A painting, a sculpture, a performance is not appreciated only with the view ..."


Initially the work of ArteProfumi was precisely to give smell to modern and contemporary art, to create essences to be used as an additional reading tool, organizing olfactory paths to achieve a complete sensory experience.

Subsequently the concept that the perfume is closely linked to the world of art combined or not with the work matured, as it is capable of evoking that same desire to communicate and transmit emotions that animates the artist.

The fragrances have a long shelf life and can be combined with each other to create personal and unique mixes, such as invisible works of art.


The result of this work is a series of highly concentrated fragrances: strong, sour, authoritarian, tender, languid, sensual, whose evocative capacity is summarized in a few sentences, which in our opinion enclose and allow a glimpse of a small enchanted world.

Our world view is not linear, it unravels and grows even inconsistently, mixing the different mono-fragrances to be used together to allow everyone to create their own olfactory figure.