The ArteProfumi fragrances can be worn individually or in different combinations.

So the perfume can be personalized
according to taste and character inclinations.

Sprinkle the perfume on the skin and after tasting it calmly overlap the second fragrance to create the mix that you deem most suitable for your tastes.

For example, you can offer the following olfactory themes:

Lie on the seashore kissed by the sun with the engaging sensuality of HAREM SOIREE ‘ and the brackish notes of A’MARE .
Stroll in a tropical garden, on a bed of white petals between the oriental suggestions of MITTI and the delicate bouquet of SECRET .
Discover the pleasure of a Japanese thermal bath with the energizing freshness of the YUZU of O-FURO .
Relax in a smoking room among leather sofas, cigars and precious spirits surrounded by the virile aroma of FUMOIR and the reassuring sweetness of SUCRE NOIR .
Enter a temple amidst spirals of incense and heady spices accompanied by the mystical scent of ECCLESIӔ and the pungent freshness of VELVET ROUGE .
Be enraptured by the spell of a petit Fée Verte with the herbaceous notes of BOHEMIEN Artemisia.

These are only suggestions, the combinations can be infinite.

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