Satisfying an increasingly attentive, aware and demanding public, looking for particular and unique fragrances that go beyond the concept of time, space and dimension is the new goal of ArteProfumi.

Smells that speak to our unconscious, that lead us back to a collective olfactory memory, transmitted along with the genetic heritage, even without having had direct experience of it, we recognize the primordial, ancestral value, the symbolic elements, the archetypes.

A bold project, which took a long time, a patient search, the selection of the best Italian and foreign, as it born the HYBRIS COLLECTION.

A collection that draws its inspiration from Greek mythology, where the hybris indicated the rebellion, pride and intemperance of men towards the gods, wanting to go beyond the allowed limits, upset the established order, challenge the rules and  normality, feeling free to exceed.

For the construction of these fragrances, the finest raw materials from all over the world have been chosen, elaborated with the typically Italian wisdom and taste.

In addition to the search for exclusive raw materials, there is the choice of using animal notes strictly obtained without any kind of suffering or harm to the animal, there is also the use of the best techniques for extracting odorous molecules both traditional and modern  as the supercritical CO2.

The latter is a “green technology”, which guarantees environmental sustainability and a high degree of quality and purity of the extracted product.

For the realization of highly refined, elegant and precious packaging the best Italian realities have been chosen.